Cruisers’ Guide to Japan

Cruiser’s Guide to Japan

Benefits Of Cruising to Japan

The benefits of cruising in general are especially beneficial when visiting Japan.

Visit a new Japanese port almost every day.

Cruising Japan provides many opportunities to explore different areas of the country and to appreciate the unique features of each destination. Staying in the same room on the ship (and therefore not having to worry about handling luggage, packing/unpacking) is a huge plus.

Many English-speaking cruisers travel quite a distance to cruise around Japan, so they tend to book back-to-back voyages to really explore the country and maximize this benefit of being able to return to their own cabin every evening sparing them the task of packing and unpacking often.

Immerse yourself into the local food culture as much or as little as you desire-both on and off the ship.

Travelers with dietary restrictions can sometimes find eating ashore in Japan a bit of a challenge so having the option of dining onboard--where all your special needs can be accommodated--is a big plus.