Cruisers’ Guide to Japan

Cruiser’s Guide to Japan

Regions of Japan

There are several different ways to label the geographical regions of Japan. For the purposes of cruising, we will break down Japan into ten regions: Hokkaidō, Tōhoku, Hokuriku, Kantō, Chūbu, Kinki, Chūgoku, Shikoku, Kyūshū, and Okinawa. We hope the information will help the reader prepare for their cruises to Japan.


The Chūbu region occupies the central portion of the main island of Honshū including the major city of Nagoya.

The region is mostly mountainous and contains many volcanoes including Japan’s most iconic image, Mt. Fuji, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Sites just a few years ago. The mountain is considered sacred by the Japanese and has been an endless source of artistic inspiration.

Major attractions in the Chūbu region include:

  • Meiji Mura open-air architectural museum
  • Toyota Automobile Museum
  • Castles of Nagoya, Okazaki, Toyohashi, and Inuyama
  • Tokugawa Art Museum

The Chūbu region is host to four cruise port cities, listed below:

  • Nagoya, Aichi prefecture
  • Shimizu, Shizuoka prefecture
  • Toba, Mie prefecture
  • Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture
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